FOSRIN: Food security through ricebean research in India and Nepal

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This section contains those outputs produced by the project that are in the public domain. Most of them will be available as .pdf files - if you cannot read them you can access a free reader from the link below. You are free to use any of them for your own research or information, but please acknowledge the source.

The list is classified by the type of output, and includes both formal project deliverables and other documents and presentations.

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The project FINAL REPORT is available here.

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Project deliverables

This section contains the contracted project deliverables
Deliverable 1.1: Hedonic demand function for ricebean.
Deliverable 1.2: Consumer preference index for ricebean.
Deliverable 1.3: Strategy to introdue ricebean into the supply chain.
Deliverable 2.1: Distribution of ricebean in India and Nepal.
Deliverable 2.2: Indigenous technical knowledge on ricebean in Nepal.
Deliverable 3.1: Identification of polymorphic markers in ricebean.
Deliverable 3.2: Molecular marker diversity in ricebean.
Deliverable 5.1: Ricebean contribution to diets and food preparation.
Deliverable 5.2: Nutritional content of ricebean.
Deliverable 5.3: Nutritional impact of increasing ricebean in diets.
Further deliverables will include:

Journal papers

This section will contain the academic papers produced by the project, subject to copyright restrictions.

Conference papers

Buergelt, D; von Oppen, M & Yadavendra, JP (2009) Hedonic price analysis to guide breeding for upgrading an orphan crop in India and Nepal. International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Beijing, August 2009
Buergelt, D; von Oppen, M & Mueller, RAE (2008) Contribution from economics towards the improvement of an underutilised pulse in Nepal and India. Proc. Int. Sci. Conf. "Agri-Food Business: Global challenges, innovative solutions. Halle, Germany, 2008
Mueller, RAE, Buergelt, D & Seidel-Lass, L (2007) Supply chains and social network analysis. 1st Int Eur Forum Innovation and System Dynamics in Food Networks. Feb 15-17, 2007, Innsbruck-Igls, Austria
Joshi, KD, Bhandari, B, Gautam, R, Bajracharya, J and Hollington, PA (2007) Ricebean: a multipurpose underutilised legume 5th Int Symp on New Crops and Uses: their role in a rapidly changing world. 3-4 September 2007, Southampton University, UK

Conference presentations

The actual presentations given, in .pdf format

Presentations from the Final Workshop in Nagarkot, Nepal, February 2010

Hollington, PA (2010) FOSRIN and Ricebean - a general introduction
Buergelt, D, von Oppen, M & Mueller, RAE (2010) Quality determinants and markets of ricebean in India and Nepal
Dua, RP, Phogat, BS & Raiger, HL (2010) Two decades of coordinated research on rice bean in India - an overview
Dutta, M (2010) Rice bean in India with particular emphasis on the Himalayan region
Andersen, P & Chandyo, RK (2010) How do ricebean and other pulses meet nutrient deficiencies among women of reproductive age in rural populations in hill areas in India and Nepal?
Yadavendra, JP (2010) Potential ricebean varieties from FOSRIN in different regions of India
Joshi, KD, Khadka, K, Shrestha, R, Bajracharya, J, Acharya, BD, Harris, D, Witcombe, JR & Hollington, PA (2010) Behaviour of ricebean landraces in post rainy season: potential for crop intensification in dry areas
Shrestha, R (2010) Agromorphological characterisation of Nepalese landraces and their potential use value
Bajracharya, J (2010) Molecular marker diversity of ricebean germplasm and its relationships
Upadhyay, MP (2010) Status of ricebean in Nepal
Yadav, NK (2010) Concept and experiences of genetics in ricebean
Khadka, K (2010) Distribution of ricebean in Nepal and India
Khadka, K (2010) Indigenous knowledge on ricebean: implication on future use of the crop
Bhandari, B (2010) Farmers' understanding of ricebean diversity and its preference trait analysis (PTA) in Gulmi, Nepal
Acharya, BD (2010) Dissemination of knowledge on ricebean
Kumar, N (2010) Effect of P priming on the yield of ricebean intercropped with maize
Sthapit, B (2010) How to maximise useful diversity of ricebean and other UPIs for the well-being of people

Other presentations

Buergelt, D & von Oppen, M (2009) Reveal quality and price determinants of an orphan crop in India and Nepal. Tropentag, Hamburg University, October 2009
Andersen, P (2009) Doing away with biodiversity: farmers' preferences in cultivation of ricebean in Asia. Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Las Vegas, March 2009
Buergelt, D; von Oppen, M & Yadavendra, JP (2009) Quality parameters in relation to consumer's preference in ricebean. International Conference on Grain Legumes: Quality Improvement, Value Addition and Trade held at IIPR, Kanpur, India, February 14-16, 2009

Student theses

MSc thesis. Conservation and commercialisation prospects of rice bean landraces in Ramechhap district of Nepal. Indar Hari Paudel: Institute of Agricultural and Animal Science, Rampur, Nepal, July 2008
MPhil thesis. Cultivation and use of ricebean: a case study of Dang District, Nepal. Bipin Kumar Acharya: Universitet Bergen, June 2008
MSc thesis. Climate change and agriculture in Nepal: Ricebean as an alternative crop for adaptation, a case of Western Development Region. Jimmy Jammary Otim, Bangor University, 2009

Kick-off meeting

Presentations from the kick-off meeting in Kathmandu, November 2006

Project annual reports

This section contains edited versions of the project annual progress reports
Year 1 First year report
Year 2 Second year report
Year 3 Third year report
Year 4 Fourth year report
Final report Final report

Other dissemination and publications

Project brochure. General information brochure about ricebean, the project and the consortium
Cultivation practices of ricebean. LI-BIRD's booklet on ricebean cultivation in Nepal

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